跆拳道之含義:【跆】是指用腳踢之,【拳】是用拳擊之,【道】是方法,藝術一種精神文化的心得。 可以說跆拳道是用腳與拳擊方法,但用腳的佔百份之六十,原因腳比手長,而力勁也比手大,所以跆拳道這一種武術,是著重於用腳。
The meaning of TaeKwon-Do:【 Tae】 means of kicking, 【Kwon】 means of boxing, 【Do 】is the way to a spiritual and cultural arts experience. It can be said that taekwondo and boxing is their feet, but with their feet and accounted for 60 per cent, of the reasons for longer than the hands and feet, and the strong force than the hands, so that a Taekwondo martial arts, is the emphasis on their feet. 

Taekwondo training at two stages, the first phase of training for the color belt, and the belt is divided into nine levels, and beginners, will be subject to a period of training passed an examination before they can be promoted after, taekwondo 10th white belt, 9th, white-yellow belt, 8th yellow belt, 7 – yellow-green belt, 6th green blelt, 5th green-blue belt, 4th blue belt, 3rd blue-red belt, 2nd red belt, 1st red-black belt, students needs at least a year and a half after completion of the first phase of training to more stringent by the requirement to pass an examination for promotion to the second phase of Ho – Black Belt (for some), Black Belt is divided into nine, a few paragraphs is embroidered in black at both ends, and the other for you, Black Belt to Black Belt for some to accept at least four to seven years hard training, but also need to be more than six taekwondo authorized official in charge of the test invigilator.

Taekwondo examination, by the tenth-grade students leucorrhea to Black Belt coach of the projects include patterns, kicking, boxing, Self-defense technique, and sparring fighting for the Black Belt to a period of four, and its examination of the project In addition to the above the types of things to test his martial arts skill, whether it is the degree of specification. 

Taekwondo 【Tae formerly led】, initially seen in the before 1500 【Silla】, Silla Korea three times in the most vulnerable countries, in order to guard against North Korea and the West’s invasion of Baiji, so the new Luo are with the National confrontation left five hundred years of Friends of the year, the Korea powerful more powerful, they risk the fate of Silla, where the thirty seven years of accession to the throne of Silla King Fok Hing,【 mountains and rivers in order conservative, is to convene the national and patriotic young men of the youth, a military composed of people to cope with this crisis, and this forces people to practice martial arts, said the Road】 【hwarang, but hwarang Road】 【whether】 【taekwondo, boxing and it is a, there are at their best seen before, as this juice every military forces people to stay loyal to the king. 

Finally in 2066 AD Hwarang Road, leaders from the entire Korean peninsula reunification. 。 But unfortunately, when the dynasty by Li (1339), then the text of the Korean people are re-light arms, the Hwarang Road to the decline of the Yi Dynasty era. 

Japan in 1910 accounted for gifted and Taekwondo in Korea was almost inhumane. Rate after the Japanese occupation of Korea Republic of Korea to destroy the country’s international status, but also an attempt to make the Korean loyal to them, ordered the ban Taekwondo training, although most have been forced to comply, but some people absorbed in the wilderness learning Taekwondo, In addition, many Korean difficult home life and also to China or Japan to make a living. In this in this country do not prohibit the martial arts, and by that time, Taekwondo will appear in the formation of other martial arts. 

End of World War II, Japan 36years the end of the rule in South Korea, thousands of Koreans to return to their homes, then by the war-torn South Korea and South Korea were eager to rebuild the country, self-defense, while the rise again and South Korea from all over the back of new skills, and soluble in taekwondo to become a furnace system of today’s Republic of Korea. 

Taekwondo Founder General Choi Hong Hi last April 11, 1955 will be South Korea’s self-defense taekwondo rule that, and also create Internetional Taekwon-Do Federation in 1966. In 1969, Hong Kong has been hosted the first Asia Taekwondo championships. General Choi had bring his demonstration team to whole world, that is most important step to made Taekwondo being popular. 

In 1972 by Mr. Jin Yunlong term president of the World Taekwondo Federation, members all over Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas more than States, held in Korea in 1973 the first World Taekwondo Championships, held in 1974 in South Korea the first Asian taekwondo boxing championships since World Taekwondo Championships and the Asian Taekwondo Championships on further in Asia and around the world held , taekwondo competitions at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games, was first delivered as the second item, in the Seoul Olympics in 1988, first as a demonstration project, but also in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney , is listed as an official project.