跆拳道於60年代後期引入香港,由於政治理由,在70年代初期全世界跆拳道劃分為兩大組識,分別於1966年由崔泓熙將軍成立第一個跆拳道組織International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF),中文名為國際跆拳道聯盟,另於1973年5月於漢城成立World Taekwondo Federation (WTF),中文名為世界跆拳道聯盟,並由金雲龍先生當選主席,各自獨立發展。
Taekwondo was introduced to Hong Kong in the late 60, due to political reasons, in the early 70s the world taekwondo organization is divided into two, respectively, in 1966, set up by the General Choi Hong Hi Taekwondo organizations first International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF), the Chinese named International Taekwondo Federation, and the other in May 1973 in Seoul, the establishment of World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), the Chinese called the World Taekwondo Federation, was elected President by Mr. Jin Yunlong, developed independently. 

WTF 於80年代初開始傾向於運動路線,練習方式及攻守動作以比賽得分為目標:ST(Sporting Taekwondo or Scoring Taekwondo ),並正式於1986年新增為亞運、2000年新增為奧運項目。 由於WTF的運動特質,甚受青少年為主的練習者歡迎。
WTF in the beginning of the 80’s tend to sport routes, methods and practice in order to play offensive and defensive action as the goal scoring: ST (Sporting Taekwondo or Scoring Taekwondo), and formally in 1986, added to the Asian Games, the Olympic Games in 2000 added to the project . WTF of the movement as a result of the characteristics of well-received by youth-oriented practitioners welcome. 

ITF發展至今,仍堅持走戰鬥武術路線,包括容許以拳攻擊頭部,殺傷力較大方式踢腳、著意於腳刀攻擊及腰腿合力等,國際級搏擊賽事選手更不需佩帶頭盔及護甲,以輕盈拳套及腳套作護具進行搏擊比賽。 由於走全面武術戰鬥路線,故較受習武者歡迎。在歐美地區發展普及,全球練習者不下於WTF,唯因並非運動類別,故暫未能成為亞、奧運項目。
ITF development has still stick fighting martial arts routes, including to allow the attack to the head boxing, kick way more destructive, effort in the knife attack and Legs and waistfeet together and so on, world-class players fighting tournament without wearing a helmet and armor to light glove and brace to fight for foot Protection game. 。 As a result of taking a comprehensive line of martial arts fighting, it is more susceptible to the martial arts are welcome. Popularity of regional development in Europe and the United States, the world no less than practitioners WTF, not only due to sports category, it could not become a sub-Olympic projects.