Force the use of scientific and reasonable method 

To enable the upgrading of technology of Taekwondo, the power of scientific and reasonable use of the understanding, is not the lack of conditions.

Taekwondo is currently the practice, are not of the exercise, and take as the basic training for teaching.

As very few studies are reasonable, it is regrettable, and this is precisely so that the existence of taekwondo and increasingly mysterious, and at a loss to be the decisive factor in the succession. 

Effective use of power and technology law, refers to “how the power? How? And how to get the most effect.

” 以這樣的科學原理來進行研究,才能獲得最大的成效。 
Such scientific principles to study in order to obtain maximum results.

In this regard, will continue to note the following. 

牛頓的運動方程式 Newton’s equation of movement 

Nature, gravity, elasticity, friction, magnetic, electrical, power and other inertial force. 

Newton’s definition of force in time, the movement generated by the quality and speed of change to the formula for power. F = m. F = m. a( F = 力,m = 質量,a = 加速度) a (F = force, m = mass, a = acceleration) 

The formula for power in the study, the very convenient. 

Taekwondo is the same as the quality of people’s weight, if the body and legs, boxing action is generated by the acceleration, the weight and speed of movement between, they form a close relationship.

In other words, the force is to determine the quality and the principle of acceleration, we can see, taekwondo and defense of the attack, and damage on all of these factors.

For example, when the attack began, the body must state Department of uncertainty (the quality of reduction, speed increase) is more favorable to the contrary, when defense was a very stable state (the quality to increase speed to eliminate less) more advantageous.

However, this time with the Newton’s law can not be the same movement. 

Therefore, only the use of scientific methods to choose the necessary strength of Taekwondo, we should pay attention to important issues to be described. 

First of all, must be considered is the stability, the support surface (foot), center of gravity (more than the equivalent quality), and flexibility, agility, flexibility (more than the equivalent of acceleration) and so on.

At the same time, in order to make more efficient use of mass and acceleration, it is important to note that state of mind and nerves, the three conditions, such as respiratory regulation. 

Stability, the support surface, the focus of 

Driven by “force” the basic requirements for the position by the people are about what kind of state.

亦即安定度良好的姿勢,雖不利於快速攻擊,但對防禦卻非常有利。That is, a good degree of stability and posture, is not conducive to fast attack, but defense is very favorable. 

Instead, the state of insecurity not conducive to defense, in an attack can have the advantage of speed. 

This degree of stability and change the focus of the location of high or low, and the support surface, such as expanding or shrinking, which has a very close relationship. 

Like the human body and other objects, there are two centers, one around the center from top to bottom, and the parts of the body is equal to the centerline of the spine, and the other objects in movement with the mobile focus of attention when the body posture adopted, this the focus of which is equivalent to the front-end part of bone cents. 

General statement, the men’s sports center in the height is about bottom-up date by about 56 percent of the local; female is about bottom-up in height by the operator of the local 55 percent. 

Therefore, when we want to move body, as long as the lower pelvis, it will feel more comfortable and also increased the sense of stability. 

Therefore, when people sleep, are lying down to sleep, and this is because the down position, Dingan highest, lowest center of gravity, the greatest support surface.

Conversely, if the location of the high center of gravity, reducing the degree of stability, but this time the body can become agile movements.

Therefore focus not only on the degree and stability, but also can increase the function of the attack.

For example, we have to attack each other’s fists or kicking each other, the failure to make the pelvis towards the direction of target movement, will not be able to increase the attack power. 

如前述F = m. Such as the aforementioned F = m. a,若想使力量增強,就必須使m增大,而若重心不變(腰部不轉)m就不會增大。 a, To make strength increased, so that m must be increased, if the same center of gravity (not to waist) m will not increase. 

Therefore, if the object of the attack in different directions to move the focus of attacks will not be able to increase power. 

The so-called powerful attack is phalangeal plates, shoulders, head, such as whole body, all moving towards the target (all weight of the mobile). 

And when all these forces on the fists or toes when the power will be able to obtain the effect of the attack. 

速度 Speed 

不管我們用多麼有效的方法去獲得重量(質量), 但若缺乏速度,仍然無法獲得有效的力量。 
No matter how effectively we use the method to get the weight (mass), but the lack of speed, still unable to obtain an effective force. 

Often can be seen “light to play (play)” or “strong play (play)” term, which also said that the slow speed; the latter also expressed the meaning of speed. 

As mentioned earlier, the increase in speed and movement of the focus, there are very closely related. 

When the focus moves, the body in a state of unrest, but relatively easy to move, it can easily increase the speed.

Of this as is, can the principle of gyroscope rotation to explain. 

Lo snake rotation is due to support child, high center of gravity. 

Taekwondo is the same, when the security is low and the high center of gravity, you can increase the physical or fist, foot speed. 

In addition, with flexibility and more time away from the attack, but also can increase the speed. 

Therefore, force must not become so hard shoulder, in particular the position Taekwondo, more than by the soft, posture and movement composition, therefore, muscle relaxation, and so are the soft body is a very important thing. 

I think we all know, the human body is a series of bone to the joints, and neural effects of muscle stretching and movement. 

Therefore, the lack of flexibility as long as the muscle can not move with the agility of the moment, so to attack and defense movements have become slow the. 

神經 Nerve 

A nerve, usually divided into dozens or hundreds of years and every muscle fiber connectivity.

Resulting in spread to nerve stimulation, respectively, with a section of nerve fibers into the muscle, and then spread to various parts of the body. 

This nerve bundle connection, known as “movement units.” 

A piece of muscle, there are many such units, therefore, not all units with movement, you can not have the strength. 故而集中精神對於使所有的單位一起運動,有很大的效果。
Therefore focus on all the units to work together so that movement, have great effect. 

On nerve and muscle to clear, is an automatic way. 

When stimulated by the nerve to convey to the muscles, the muscles respond immediately. 

And if the motor neuron loss of agility, we will not be able to generate power, can not learn to use the technology. 

For this, the relationship between nerve cells and muscle in muscle as part of the feeling, have important responsibilities are the same. 

However, this function is through Taekwondo training and improvement. 

呼吸 Respiratory 

No matter what kind of movement, in the body, or back before the song, they should blow off steam, and in the straight when standing, they should be breathing, which is the general principle. 

However, the use of Taekwondo to kick objects or playing when it is exhaled, and objects in play the moment to stop breathing, the effect would be difficult to obtain.

Because, when the breath inside the body arrived in the pit edge, and the body will become more flexible; stop breathing, you can concentrate on, which is the so-called “breathing regulation.” 

Taekwondo skills in the hit of that moment, his mouth will yell out “Yes”!

The reason is in the punching, it is important to remove the air chest in order to concentrate on.

However, if such a call to prolong it, until the moment the fight against the objects, you can not get a lot of strength.

Because the spirit would be moved to focus on to make to maximize the effectiveness of forces.

In short, regardless of attack or defense, if the spirit does not focus on, and there is no regulation of breathing, and will taste the taste of failure. 

On this point, all the full practice of the people, all know that limited the power of their own, based on the concentration, the sensitivity of neurons and the regulation of breathing, such as lack of intelligence to make the key play to the maximum, and then used to make , and the last that is able to obtain and retain amazing destructive power.